Data and code

Scottish Election Study/Scottish Opinion Monitor

Download: GitHub

These GitHub repositories contain the latest Scottish Election Study and Scottish Opinion Monitor (Scoop) data.

Scottish party manifestos 1999-2016

Download: Harvard Dataverse

This dataset contains machine-readable text files of Scottish election manifestos released by Scottish Labour, the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, the Scottish National Party, the Scottish Liberal Democrats and the Scottish Green Party at the five elections between 1999 and 2016.

Joint manifesto dataset

Download: GitHub

I have created a short script to combine the Manifesto Project and Comparative Party Pledge Project datasets. What it essentially does is aggregate the CPPP data at manifesto level and attach user-specified MARPOR variables to the relevant observations. In some cases the projects have coded different documents (e.g. summary documents vs. full manifestos) so users are advised to take care when conducting analysis.