Pledge Literature Tracker

Click here to access the up-to-date pledge literature spreadsheet.

For my doctoral research, I conducted a wide-ranging review of the available literature on the topic of the programme-to-policy linkage, gathering a comprehensive collection of articles, books, chapters, theses and working papers over the course of several years. I originally compiled this collection of citations it into a spreadsheet to aid the creation of bibliometric descriptives and visualisations for the literature review chapter.

I found that the spreadsheet became a useful tool for keeping track of a fast-moving field of study – one which, according to the database, doubled in size during the four years of my PhD. To aid other scholars interested in the field, I have now made it publicly available and intend to maintain it with new outputs going forward. Please email me with any suggested additions, especially if you have a working paper or pre-print you would like to include on the list.

In addition to author/title/year, columns include type of output, journal and topic. Some useful works on closely associated topics, but not directly concerning the linkage or pledge-making, are also listed.